Our Story...

Welcome to Flora Organika! 


In today's urban world, it is often hard to find a cosy spot and simply enjoy the flowers; to take a minute to feel at peace with the world.


Here at Flora Organika we endeavour to bring you a microcosm of nature, getting back to the basics of wholesome, healthy living. We ensure our coffee beans come from organic, fair trade and sustainable sources. Our sweets, treats and light meals are made locally, with gluten free options. And most importantly, our flowers are arranged with love daily!


Whether you would like a beautiful bouquet, or a resplendant wreath, we have many options ready to go when you need them. And if you do not see what you would like, Svetlana will be happy to make an arrangement from scratch. We even deliver!


Over the years we have expressed this fascination in creating big and small floral projects, in all of which Nature takes centre stage.  The beauty, peace and harmony, the diversity of colours and shapes in Nature: all of this is our constant inspiration to us.


Words from Thomas de Bruyne truly speak to me….”give nature a voice, and let her speak through your hands!”   So we say welcome to Flora Organika!  


Come in and visit and enjoy our beautiful flowers and freshly brewed coffee.